Shade & Ornamental

American Beech – Fagus Grandifolia Zone 4-9
(A wide-spreading canopy provides great shade in the summer with beautiful bronze color in the fall. Grows 50-70’ tall and 40’ wide.)

Dura Heat Birch – Betula Nigra ‘BNMTF’ Zone 4-9
(Somewhat smaller cultivar featuring dark green leaves that turn buttery yellow in Autumn. Creamy white bark. Grows 30′-40’ tall and 40′-60’ wide.)
Heritage Birch – Betula Nigra ‘Cully’ Zone 4-9
(Vigorous fast grower featuring salmon-white bark in early years with larger leaves and greater resistance to leaf spots. Dark Green leaves turn yellow in fall. Grows 40′-70’ tall, 40′-60’ wide.)
River Birch – Betula Nigra Zone 4-9
(One of the most disease free birches with rich cinnamon-brown exfoliating bark. Medium to dark green leaves turning yellow in the fall. Grows 40-70- tall, 40-60’ wide.)

Black Gum – Nyssa Slvatica Zone 4-9
(Also called sour gum.  Slow growing tree with small greenish-white flowers that give way to oval ½” long edible sour fruit.  Dark green leaves turning to a spectacular scarlet fall color. Top five shade tree. Grows 30’-50’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)
Forest Fire Black Gum (p.p. 29473) – Nyssa Sylvatica ‘The James’  Zone 5-9
(Vigorous selection that boasts an excellent branching habit when young. Glossy, medium green foliage explodes into fiery red in the fall. Grows 30′-50’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)
Green Gable Black Gum (p.p. 22951) – Nyssa Sylvatica Zone 3-9
(Extraordinary dark green leaves turning the most remarkable fiery red leaves in autumn. Grows 30′-50’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)
Wildfire Black Gum – Nyssa Sylvatica Zone 5-9
(Bright red new foliage in the spring turning dark green before a yellow-orange, vibrant scarlet fall finale. Grows 30′-50’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)

Akebono Cherry – Prunus x Yedoensis Zone 4-8
(A spectacular show of fragrant double white to pink flowers. Glossy, dark green leaves turning bright yellow in the fall. Grows 25’ tall and wide.)
Canada Red Chokecherry – Prunus Virginiana Zone 2-10
(Tough, hardy and colorful with bright green leaves turning to a maroon color that last through fall. Clusters of small white flowers in spring. Grows 25′-35’ tall, 15′-20’ wide.)
Kwanzan Cherry – Prunus Serrulata Zone 4-8
(An upright vase shaped ornamental with incredible early season show with clusters of double deep pink blooms. Leaves emerge red-copper in the spring to dark green in the summer to yellow-orange in the fall. Grows 20’-25’ tall, 15-20’ wide.)
Okame Cherry – Prunus ‘Okame’ Zone 6-8
(A small upright, rounded crown with long leaves that turn bronzy red to bright orange to red in the fall. Blooms earlier than other cherries with mildly fragrant rosy pink flowers. Grows 15′-25′ tall and 15-20’ wide.)

Yoshino Cherry – Prunus x Yedoensis Zone 5-8
(Fragrant flowers are light pink in bud, opening to clouds of white.  Dark green summer foliage turns yellow with bronze hints in the fall. Grows 30′-40’ tall and wide.)

Espresso™ Kentucky Coffeetree – Gymnocladus Dioicus Zone 3-8
(Fall tree with rough scaly gray- brown bark and large leaves. Fragrant blooms late spring. Trees are late to leaf out and are one of the first to drop in the fall. 60-80’ tall and 40-55’ wide.)

Prairie Fire Crabapple – Malus  Zone 4-8
(An upright form that becomes rounded with age.  Reddish new foliage matures to a dark green.  Deep pink spring flowers produce small dark red-purple fruit.  Grows 20’ tall and wide.)

Royal Raindrops ® Crabapple – Malus  Zone 4-8
(Superior disease resistance, adaptability, plus heat and drought tolerance with beautiful magenta pink blooms and deep purple foliage, red fruits and bright fall color.  Grows 20’ tall and 15’ wide.)

Spring Snow Crabapple (p.p. 2667) – Malus Zone 4-8
(A dense, upright, white-flowered and fruitless crabapple. Bright Green leaves turn yellow in the fall. Grows 20′-25’ tall and 15′-20’ wide.)

Sugar Tyme Crabapple – Malus  Zone 4-8
(Pale pink buds, masses of sweet-smelling pure white flowers followed by radiant red fruit.  Leaves become bronze-yellow in the fall.  Grows 20’ tall and 15’ wide.)

Bald Cypress – Taxodium Distichum Zone 4-9
(Long lived, pyramidal, cone bearing conifer that looks like a needled evergreen.  Soft, feathery, yellowish-green foliage turns an attractive orange/cinnamon-brown in the fall. Grows 50′-70’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)
Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress (p.p. 12502) Taxodium Distichum Zone 4-9
(A narrow pyramidal cultivar with dense foliage. Grows 50′-75’ tall, 15′-20’ wide.)

Cherokee Brave Dogwood (p.p. 10166) – Cornus Florida Zone 5-9
(America’s most popular red dogwood because of its stunning larger than normal deep rose blooms and brilliant fall color. Oval, dark green leaves turn attractive shades of red in the fall. Grows 15’-30’ tall and wide.)
Cherokee Chief Dogwood – Cornus Florida Zone 5-9
(Vigorous grower with pink, reddish blooms. Has better drought resistance than most dogwood cultivars. Grows 15’-30’ tall, 25’-35’ wide.)
Cherokee Princess Dogwood – Cornus Florida Zone 5-9
(A low branched tree with heavy blooms of large white flowers before oval dark green leaves that turn attractive shades of red in the fall. Grows 15′-30’ tall and wide.)
Cloud 9 Dogwood – Cornus Florida Zone 5-9
(Offers good hardiness with white flowers at a young age. Leaves turn rust-red in the fall. Grows 15′-30’ tall and wide.)
Kousa Dogwood – Cornus Kousa Zone 5-9
(Blooms later than the Cornus Florida with creamy white wide flowers. Leaves turn attractive shades of reddish-purple to scarlet in autumn. Grows 15′-30’ tall and wide.)
Milky Way Kousa Dogwood – Cornus Kousa var. chinensis Zone 4-8
(One of the most popular cultivar with an abundance of creamy white wide flowers. Leaves turn orange-red to scarlet in autumn. Grows 15′-20’ tall and wide.)
Pink Dogwood – Cornus Florida Rubra Zone 5-9
(Rapid grower with vibrant pink blooms before leaves of green that turn fiery red in the fall. Grows 15′-30’ tall and wide.)
Pink Kousa Dogwood – Cornus Kousa Zone 5-9
(Cultivar Wide pink flowers. Leaves turn from dark green to orange-red to scarlet in autumn.  Grows 15′-30’ tall and wide.)

Accolade Elm – Ulmus ‘Morton’ Zone 4-7
(Vase shaped, medium to fast growing Elm with excellent resistance to disease and pest. Small green flowers appear before large dark green foliage giving way to yellow fall color. Grows 50′-60′ tall, 25′-40’ wide.)
Allee Elm – Ulmus Parvifolia Zone 4-9
(Known for its fluted trunk, exfoliating bark, narrow leaves and resistance to the common pest and diseases of elm trees. Dark green leaves to yellow fall color. Grows 60′-70’ tall, 35′-55’ wide.)
American Elm – Ulmus Americana Zone 2-9
(Vase-shaped, broad-rounded crown with small green flowers appearing in spring before the foliage emerges. Leaves turn undistinguished yellow in fall. Grows 60′-80’ tall, 40′-70’ wide.)

Bosque Elm – Ulmus Parvifolia Zone 6-9
(Offers the complete package – unique upright oval habit, superb foliage, exfoliating bark, landscape adaptability. Yellow-orange fall color. Grows 50′-60’ tall, 35′-40’ wide.)
Frontier Elm – Ulmas x ‘Frontier’ Zone 4-6
(A cross between Lacebark and Smooth Leaf Elm. Very tough and tolerant of a wide variety of conditions. Reddish-purple fall color. Grows 40′-50’ tall, 30′-40’ wide.)
Princeton Elm – Ulmus Americana Zone 3-9
(Quick growing dense symmetrical upright form that forms an umbrella crown. Small green flowers appear before the foliage emerges.  Dark green leaves turn an undistinguished yellow in the fall. Grows 70’ tall, 30′-40’ wide.)
Triumph Elm – Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’ Zone 4-7
(Very good resistance to disease and leaf beetles. Large dark green foliage gives way to yellow fall color. Grows 50′-60’ tall, 35′-40’ wide.)

Ginkgo – Ginkgo Biloba Zone 4-9
(A strong growing, heat tolerant, male selection. Green leaves turn a deep yellow in the fall.  Grows 50’-80’ tall, 30′-40’ wide.)

Hackberry – Celtis Occidentalis Zone 3-9
(Broad top, drooping branches with leaves of dull green in the summer and yellow-green in the fall.  The bark is grayish color with corky warts or ridges.  Grows 40’-60’ tall and wide.)

Winter King Hawthorn – Crataegus Viridis Zone 4-7
(A popular, more disease-resistant cultivar known for its profuse bloom of flowers, larger fruits, silvery-barked stems and more attractive fall color of purple and scarlet. Grows 25′-35’ tall and wide.)

Shademaster Honeylocust (p.p. 1515) – Gleditsia Tricanthos Inermis Zone 4-9
(Beautiful rounded shape. In the spring it has yellow and white small fragrant flower strings.  Leaves turn from bright spring green to spectacular in the fall by turning rich golden yellow.  Grows 30’-70’ tall and wide.)
Skyline Honeylocust (p.p. 1619) – Gleditsia Tricanthos Inermis Zone 4-9
(Pyramidal growth of bright green summer foliage to golden yellow in the fall. Is thornless and almost nearly seedless. Grows 40′-45’ tall, 25′-35’ wide.)

American Hornbeam – Carpinus Caroliniana Zone 3-9
(Slow growing, medium tree with globular form. Flowers appear in the spring with respectable shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall. Grows 20-35’)
Frans Fontaine Hornbeam – Carpinus Betulus Zone 4-8
(Narrow, columnar with dark green foliage turning yellow in the fall. Grows 35’ tall, 15’ wide.)
Pyramidal Hornbeam – Carpinus Betulus ‘Fastigiata’ Zone 4-8
(Medium sized upright tree with a pyramidal to oval-rounded crown. Dark green foliage turns yellow to orange in the fall. Grows 30′-40’ tall, 20’-30’ wide.)

Ivory Silk Lilac – Syringa Reticulata Zone 3-7
(Small tree with showy, fragrant, creamy white flowers that bloom late in the spring. Flowers give way to loose clusters of brown capsules that stay until winter. Grows 20-25’ tall and 15-20’ wide.)

Greenspire Linden – Tilia Cordata Zone 3-7
(Reliable shade tree that is densely branched and foliaged. Yellowish fragrant flowers in June.  Dark green foliage with yellowish fall coloring. Grows 60′-70’ tall, 30′-45’ wide.)
Silver Linden – Tilia Tomentosa Zone 4-7
(Fragrant pale-yellow flowers appearing late spring. Attractive foliage of glossy green and silver, white flowers. Grow 50-70’ tall and 30-50’ wide. )

Bracken’s Brown Beauty Magnolia – Magnolia Grandiflora Zone 6-9
(A broadleaf evergreen tree known for dark green leathery leaves and rusty-brown beneath with large, extremely fragrant white cupped flowers. Grows 20′-30’ tall, 15′-25’ wide.)

D.D. Blanchard Magnolia – Magnolia Grandiflora Zone 6-9
(One of the largest varieties producing large dark green leaves with a rusty brown underside. Grows 80’ tall and 40’ wide.)
Jane Magnolia – Magnolia Lilliflora Zone 4-8
(Slow growing deciduous shrub with late blooming with reddish purple flowers. Ovate leaves emerge with copper-red tints in the spring to dark green and finally acquire yellow to bronze copper tones in the fall.  Grows 10-15’ tall, 8-12’ wide.)
Moonglow Magnolia – Magnolia Virginiana ‘Jim Wilson’ Zone 5-10
(Vigorous upright growth, better cold hardiness and slightly larger white, sweetly fragrant flowers.  Leaves are dark green above and silvery-green below. Grows 15′-35’ tall, 10′-20’ wide.)
Sweetbay Magnolia – Magnolia Virginiana Zone 5-10
(Creamy white, 2-3 inch diameter, sweetly fragrant flower each with 9-12 petals. Grows 10’-35’ tall and wide in the North and up to 60’ tall in the South.)

Armstrong Maple – Acer x freemanii Zone 3-9
(Very narrow form with leaves resembling a silver maple. Bark is distinclively silver. Fall color yellowish-orange. Grows 50′-70’ tall, 10′-15’ wide.)
Armstrong Gold® Maple ‘JFS-KWUI’ – Acer Rubrum Zone 4-9
(Improved cultivar with brighter foliage color, greater foliage density with improved columnar form making it perfect for narrow street planting sites. Golden to orange fall color. Grows 40’ tall and 12’ wide.)
Autumn Blaze Maple (p.p. 4864) – Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ Zone 3-9
(Rapid growing, hybrid between red and silver maple. Features eye catching red fall color. Grows 50’ tall, 45’ wide.)
Brandywine Maple – Acer Rubrum Zone 3-9
(Seedless cross between October Glory and Autumn Flame maple growing possibly 25’ tall in the first 12 years. Brilliant burgundy fall color. Grows 35′-50’ tall, 25′-40’ wide.)
Crimson King Maple – Acer Platanoides Zone 3-7
(Medium sized shade tree with leaves having a five sharply pointing lobes that resemble those of sugar maple. Small yellow flowers in spring before foliage and full color is usually unremarkable yellow. Grows 30-40’ tall and 20-40’ wide.)
Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple (p.p. 2339) – Acer Saccharum ‘Bailsta’ Zone 3-8
(Vigorous grower with outstanding orange and red fall color. Grows 60′-75’ tall, 30′-45’ wide.)
Legacy Sugar Maple (p.p. 4979) – Acer Saccharum Zone 3-8
(Known for spectacular fall color turning yellow-orange with considerable color variations. Grows 40′-80’ tall, 30′-60’ wide.)
October Glory Maple (p.p. 2116) – Acer Rubrum Zone 3-9
(Most widely known offering excellent orange-red to red leaves in fall and retains its
foliage long after other red maples have shed their leaves. Grows 40′-50’ tall, 30′-40’ wide.)
Redpointe® ‘Frank Jr’ Maple (p.p. 16769) – Acer Rubrum Zone 4-9
(Pyramidal, densely branched, with glossy dark leaves that turn bright red in fall. Excellent heat adaptability and better spider mite resistance than other maples. Grows 45’ tall and 30’ wide.)
Red Maple – Acer Rubrum Zone 3-9
(Red flowers in spring, red fruit, red stems and twigs, and excellent orange-red fall color. Grows 40-70 feet tall. 30-50 feet wide. )
Red Sunset® Maple – Acer Rubrum ‘Franksred’ Zone 3-9
(Most widely known red maple with brilliant orange to red color in the fall. Grows 40′-50’ tall, 30′-40’ wide.)
Sun Valley Maple – Acer Rubrum Zone 4-7
(Cross between Red Sunset and Autumn Flame with early red fall color. Grows 20′-35’ tall, 15′-25’ wide.)
Sugar Maple – Acer Saccharum Zone 3-8
(Long lived tree which grows relatively slowly after 35 years. Spectacular fall color of yellow-orange n autumn. Grows 40′-80’ tall, 30′-60’ wide.)

Trident Maple – Acer Buergerianum Zone 5-9
(Slow growing, small, rounded, three-toothed maple. Fall color features shades of dark red and orange. Grows 20′-30’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)

Burr Oak – Quercus Macrocarpa Zone 3-8
(Medium to large size oak of the white oak group.  Acorn cups are covered with mossy scale.  Dark green summer leaves turn an undistinguished yellow-brown in the fall.  Grows 60′-80’ tall and wide.)
Kindred Spirit ® ‘Nadler’ Oak (p.p. 17604) – Quercus x warei  Zone 4-9
(Fast growing, highly resistant to powdery mildew.  Grows 35’ tall and 6’ wide.)
Northern Red Oak– Quercus Rubra Zone 4-8
(Medium sized oak with dark green leaves that are sharply pointed at the tips. Leaves turn brownish red in autumn. Grows 50′-75’ tall and wide.)
Nuttall Oak – Quercus Nuttallii Zone 5-8
(Fast growing oak from the red oak group with sharp pointed leaves, nice fall colors. Grows 100’-120’ tall, 40’ wide.)
Overcup Oak – Qurcus Lyrata Zone 5-8
(Medium sized oak from the white oak group known for straight trunk, rounded crown and encloses 2/3 to almost of the nut. Dark green leaves with fuzzy white undersides turn shades of yellow-brown in the fall. Grows 40′-60’ tall and wide.)
Pin Oak – Quercus Palustris Zone 4-8
(Most commonly planted shade and street tree. Medium sized grower from the red oak group. Overall autumn leaf coloration is generally bronze to red. Grows 50’-70’ tall, 40’-60’ wide.)
Regal Prince Oak (p.p. 12673) – Quercus x Warei Zone 4-9
(Columnar to narrow-oval cultivar with excellent resistance to powdery mildew. Dark green leaves on top and light green underneath turn yellow-brown in the fall. Grows 40′-60’ tall, 20′-25’ wide.)
Scarlet Oak – Quercus Coccinea Zone 4-9
(Large tree with leaves 3-6” long turning scarlet in the fall. Fruit is an acorn ½ to 1” long. Grows 50-70’ tall and 40-50’ wide. )
Shumard Oak – Quercus Shumardii Zone 5-9
(One of the largest species from the red oak group. Shiny, dark green leaves turning late in the fall to a brownish red. Grows 82’-115’ tall, 40’-60’ wide.)
Swamp White Oak – Quercus Bicolor Zone 3-8
(Medium sized oak with dark, shiny green leaves on top and silvery underneath that turn yellow in the fall. Grows 50′-60′ tall and wide. )
White Oak – Quercus Alba Zone 3-9
(Large growing with a wide spreading crown. Leaves emerge pinkish in spring to dark green to variable fall color from brown to red. Grows 50′-80′ tall and wide.)
Willow Oak – Quercus Phellos Zone 5-9
(Medium to large oak from the red oak group with willow-like leaves from green in summer to brownish yellow to orange yellow in the fall. Grows 40’-60’ tall, 30’-40’ wide.)

Cleveland Pear – Pyrus Calleryana Zone 5-8
(Considered to be one of the best cultivars with upright, pyramidal growth. Has not shown the propensity to break apart with age. Flowers heavy with leaves turning reddish purple in the fall. Grows 35’ tall, 15’ wide.)

Chinese Pistache – Pistacia Chinesis Zone 6-9
(Small deciduous tree with an oval rounded crown. Fall color in quality shades of yellow, orange and red. Gray-brown bark peels to reveal salmon inner bark. Grows 30′-50’ tall, 20′-30’ wide.)

Bloodgood Planetree – Platanus x Acerifolia Zone 4-8
(Fast growing and an excellent street tree with wide spreading form. Exfoliating bark. Dark green leaves to undistinguished yellow-brown. Grows 70′-100’ tall, 65′-80’ wide.)
Exclamation Planetree– Platanus x Acerifolia Zone 4-8
(Upright pyramidal planetree with exfoliating bark. Strong central leader. Mildew and anthracnose resistant. Leaves turn golden yellow in the fall. Grows 60’ tall, 45’ wide.)

Krauter Vesuvius Plum – Prunus Cerasifera Zone 4-9
(A phenomental ornamental with perhaps the most colorful of all flowering plums. Dark reddish purple foliage and whitish pink flowers. Grows 20’ tall, 15’ wide.)
Newport Plum – Prunus Cerasifera Zone 4-9
(Pale pink to near white flowers open before leaves.  Bronze purple leaves when young, then dark purple mature foliage. Grows 20’ tall, 15’ wide.)
Thundercloud Plum – Prunus Cerasifera Zone 5-8
(Single, pink, fragrant flowers before leaves of coppery purple foliage. Grows 20’ tall and wide.)

Arnold Tulip Poplar – Lirodendron Tulipifera Zone 5-9
(Upright grower suited for narrow spaces. Unusual yellow-green flowers appear late spring through summer. Golden yellow fall color. Grows 25’ tall and 8-10’ wide.)

Emerald City® Tulip Tree – Liriodendron Tulipifera ‘JFS-Oz’ Zone 4-9
(Upright oval, slightly compact with glossy deep green leaves turning bright yellow in the fall. Grows 55’ tall and 25’ wide.)

Tulip Poplar – Lirodendron Tulipifera Zone 4-9
(One of the fastest growing shade trees. Glossy bright green leaves turn golden yellow in the fall. Grows 70’-90’ tall, 35’-50′ wide.)

Golden Rain Tree – Koelreuteria Paniculata Zone 5-9
(Leaves emerge pinkish bronze to purplish in spring turn bright green in summer and turn yellow in the fall. 30-50’ wide/tall.)

Appalachian Redbud – Cercis Canadensis Zone 4-9
(Red flowered cultivar blooming early in the spring before foliage emerges.  Green to blue green leaves turning yellow in the fall. Grows 15′-25’ tall and wide.)
Eastern Redbud – Cercis Canadensis Zone 4-9
(Unique heart shaped reddish purple to almost bluish green leaves through summer turning greenish yellow in the fall. Grows 20’-30’ tall, 25’-35’ wide.)
Forest Pansy Redbud – Cercis Canadensis Zone 5-9
(Shimmering reddish purple young foliage that fades with the heat of summer. Fall color is variable with shades of reddish purple and orange. Grows 20′-30’ tall, 25-35’ wide.)
Merlot Redbud (p.p. 22297) – Cercis Canadensis Zone 6-9
(Tight, dense, semi upright growth habit, thick glossy purple leaves similar to Forest Pansy. Grows 12′-15’ tall and wide.)
Royal White Redbud – Cercis Canadensis f. Alba Zone 4-9
(Compact tree with white blooms early and produces larger flowers. Dull green to blue-green leaves turning pale yellow to greenish-yellow in the fall. Grows 15′-25’ tall and wide.)
Ruby Falls Redbud (p.p. 22097) – Cercis Canadensis Zone 5-9
(Compact with a weeping canopy and clusters of lavender red blooms in the spring. Small semi-glossy heart shaped leaves turning yellow in the fall. Grows 6′-8’ tall, 5′-6’ wide.)
Tennessee Pink Redbud (p.p. 18278) – Cercis Canadensis Zone 4-9
(Noted for producing clear pink flowers with dark green leaves turning yellow in the fall. Grows 15′-20’ tall and wide.)

Hardy Rubber Tree – Eucommia Ulmoides Zone 4-7
(Low branching tree with broad ascending branches. Attractive glossy green foliage and its excellent resistance to insect and disease problems. Grows 40-60’ tall and 30-50’ wide.)

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (p.p. 5717) – Amelanchier x Grandiflora Zone 4-9
(Unique dense, upright branching pattern suitable for narrow screen or hedge.  Profuse white spring flowers. Mildew resistant. Brilliant orange-red fall color. Leaves emerge with a bronzish-purple in the spring, dark green in the summer to a red-orange in the fall. Grows 15’-20’ tall, 8’-10’ wide.)
Robin Hill Serviceberry – Amelanchier x ‘Robin Hill’ Zone 4-7
(Cold hardy flowering tree with delicate white flowers.  Leaves trun from green to dramatic fall colors ranging from yellow-orange to red.  Very disease resistant with edible fruit in the summer. Grows 15′-25’ tall, 12′-15’ wide.)

American Sweetgum – Liquidambar Acalycina Zone 5-9
(Low maintenance with maple like leaves. Emerging burgundy in spring and turning red to purple in the fall. Female flowers give way gum balls that usually drop in the period of December – April. 30-50’ tall 20-30’ wide.)
Happidaze Sweetgum – Liquidambar Styraciflua ‘Hapdell’  Zone 5-9
(Fruitless cultivar, low branching, yellow-green flowers in spring.  Green leaves turn to an attractive maroon in the fall. Grows 60′-80’ tall, 40′-60’ wide.)
Slender Silhouette – Liquidambar Styraciflua Zone 5-8
(Very narrow, tightly columnar shape producing very little fruit. Dark green foliage turns from orange to burgundy in the fall.  Quick to grow. Grows 35′-50’ tall, 4’ wide.)

American Sycamore – Pantanus Occidentalis Zone 4-9
(The signature ornamental feature of this huge tree is its brown bark which exfoliates its irregular pieces to neutral creamy white inner bark. Large leaves of 4-10” wide that turn yellow-brown in the fall. 75-100’ wide/ tall.)

Green Vase Zelkova (p.p. 5080) – Zelkova Serrata Zone 5-8
(Upright arching branches with excellent dark green foliage turning orange-brown to bronzy red in the fall. Grows 60′-80’ tall, 40-50’ wide.)
Village Green Zelkova (p.p. 2337) – Zelkova Serrata Zone 5-8
(Medium to large tree spreading generally upward branching vase shaped with leathery dark green foliage that may develop a wine-red fall color. Smaller than the Green Vase. Grows 40′-60’ tall, 30′-50’ wide.)


Dark Green Arborvitae – Thuja Occidentalis Zone 3-7
(Dense, narrow-pyramidal with scale-like, aromatic, yellow-green foliage. Grows 20-30’ tall, 10-15’ wide.)
Emerald Arborvitae – Thuja Occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ Zone 4-8
(Narrow pyramid of lustrous emerald green foliage. Does not discolor in winter. Displays excellent heat tolerance. Grows 10’-15’ tall, 3’-5’ wide.)
Green Giant Arborvitae – Thuja Plicata Zone 5-9
(Dark green foliage does not discolor in winter. Drought tolerant, disease and insect resistant. Easy to grow and very adaptable. Grows 50’-70’ tall.)
Hetz Wintergreen Arborvitae – Thuja Occidentalis Zone 4-8
(A tall, narrowly columnar evergreen with dark green foliage that does not discolor in winter. Easy to grow and very adaptable. Grows 25’ tall and 8’ wide.)

Green Mountain Boxwood – Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’ Zone 4-9
(Vigorous growing shrub with bright green foliage that retains good color throughout winter. Grows 5’ tall, 3’ wide.)
Green Velvet Boxwood – Buxus Koreana ‘Green Velvet’ Zone 5-8
(Broad-mounded compact form. Grows 3-4’ tall and wide.)
Winter Green Boxwood Zone 6-8
(Smaller leaves and light green winter color even in colder climates. Less likely to bronze in the Winter. Grows 2-4’ tall, 3-5’ wide.)

American Holly – Ilex Opaca  Zone 5-9
(The familiar Christmas holly with glossy green, spiny leaves and bright red berries.  Grows 50’ tall and 40’ wide.)
Foster Holly – Ilex x Attenuata Zone 6-9
(Considered by many gardeners to be the finest tree-type evergreen holly. Dark green foliage with red fruit. Grows 20-30’ tall, 15’ wide.)
Nellie R. Stevens Holly – Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’  Zone 6-9
(Cross between an English and Chinese Holly. Vigorous grower with a naturally dense broad pyramidal shape. Produces large, bright orange-red berries. Grows 15-25’ tall 15’ wide.)
Satyr Hill Holly – Ilex Opaca ‘Satyr Hill’  Zone 5-9
(An upright pyramidal growth habit with bright red berries.  Considered to be one of the best femail forms for both foliage and fruit.  Grows 50’ tall and 20’ wide.)
Sky Pencil Holly – Ilex Crenata Zone 6-9
(A cultivar of Japanese holly that is a narrow, columnar shrub The evergreen foliage resembles a boxwood more than a holly and will produce small, greenish flowers. Grows 8-10’ tall, 2’ wide.)
Oakland® Holly – Ilex x ‘Magland’ (p.p. 14417) Zone 6-9
(Upright, pyramidal form with oak leaf-shaped leaves, creamy yellow/white fragrant flowers. Grows 12-20’ tall, 8-15’ wide.)

Blue Point Juniper – Juniperus Chinensis ‘Blue Point’ Zone 4-9
(Glowing blue-green foliage on a densely branched, broad pyramid form that maintains its natural form well. Grows 12’ tall, 8’ wide.)
Brodie Juniper – Juniperus Virginiana Zone 6-8
(Feathery-light foliage, columnar form. Grows 25’ tall, 8’ wide.)
Canaertii Juniper – Juniperus Virginiana Zone 3-9
(Compact pyramidal with dark green foliage retaining good green color in winter. Female clone that produces round, blue, berry-like cones. Grows 20′-35’ tall, 8′-15’ wide.)

Eastern Red Cedar – Juniperus Virginiana Zone 2-9
(Broad, dense conifer with horizontal branching and gray to reddish-brown bark exfoliating bark. Grows 30-65’ tall, 8-25’ wide.)
Hollywood Juniper – Juniperus Chinensis ‘Torulosa’ Zone 5-9
(An excellent evergreen for use as a topiary. Grows 15’ tall, 10’ wide.)
Keteleeri Juniper – Juniperus Chinensis ‘Keteleeri’ Zone 4-9
(Dense, evergreen, small tree with a pyramidal habit producing grayish-green berry-like cones. Grows 15′-20’ tall, 4′-6’ wide.)

Spartan Juniper – Juniperus Chinesis ‘Spartan’ Zone 4-9
(Its natural form, symmetrical, pyramidal shape rarely needs pruning. An excellent specimen for formal topiary. Tolerates heat, cold and drought. Grows 15’ tal, 3-5’ wide.)
Taylor Juniper – Juniperus Virginiana ‘Taylor’  Zone 3-9
(Semi-soft, blue-green foliage and narrow columnar form.  Grows 20’ tall and 3’ wide.)

Loblolly Pine – Pinus Taeda   Zone 6-9
(Poplar among gardeners and landscapers for a quick privacy with a neat oval shape slender, dark-green needles and red-brown cones.  Grows 90’ tall and 35’ wide.)
White Pine – Pinus Strobus Zone 3-7
(One of the fastest growing, longest lived tree with fine feathery needles, open canopy and straight trunk. Grows 50-80’ tall, 20-40’ wide.)

Norway Spruce – Picea Abies Zone 3-9
(Often used as a wind break, screen or large hedge. Grows 50-80’ tall, 25-30’ wide.)

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