Terms And Conditions

Updated August 2021



Prices in this list are based upon present market conditions and are subject to change without notice. Prices are F.O.B. McMinnville, Tennessee.


All orders are prepaid or C.O.D. unless other arrangements have been made. A 25% deposit is required with order and balance due C.O.D. To those who have established credit with us, our terms are net thirty days. All accounts over 30 days will be assessed a service charge of 2% per month, which is an annual rate of 24% plus cost of collection.

A 20% additional charge will be placed on items with quantities less than 5.

A 10% surcharge will be added if the customer tags an order.


No claims will be considered unless made in writing within 5 days after receipt of shipment. Any claims thereafter will not be acknowledged.




We assume no responsibility after stock leaves the nursery. Stock damaged in transit by delays, neglect of carrier, or any other cause beyond our control is at your risk and is between you and the carrier. With proper notice of error, our liability is confined to replacement or refund.

Plants travel at purchaser’s risk and expense. All sales are made with the understanding that we shall not be liable to shortage in event of crop loss or damages from causes over which we have no control. We promise to ship true to name healthy stock bearing a state nursery certificate. We cannot guarantee plants to grow because we have no control over the plants after they leave us. If any plants reach you that are not in good viable condition, we expect to be notified within the 5 day period. All nursery stock is sold subject to the standard no-warranty clause; “We give no warranty expressed or implied, as to the description, productiveness, or any other matter, of any nursery stock, seeds or bulbs we sell. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for any stock.” Any dispute arising out of the sale of these goods shall be arbitrated exclusively in the Chancery Court of Warren County, Tennessee, and the State of Tennessee shall be the forum for any and all litigation that may arise from any sale of goods by the seller. Either party not prevailing in such action shall be liable to the prevailing party for reasonable attorney fees.


All plants will be graded by the American Standard for Nursery Stock published by the American Association of Nurserymen. Orders are individually selected and dug. Minimum sizes are posted in every instance as prescribed by AAN standards.


We request our customers to give definite shipping instructions. Most bare root trees can be boxed or bundled and shipped by LTL carriers. We have access to local delivery trucks at reasonable rates. In the absence of special instructions, we will use our best judgement, but without assuming responsibility. All shipments travel at risk and expense of purchaser. Customers are responsible for unloading trucks on arrival. All boxes and packaging material are charged to the customer at our cost.

Our nursery stock has been inspected by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.


Freight is due on delivery. Unless any previous arrangements are made before shipment, payment is to be made on arrival for freight on all truck or partial truck loads. For the protection of the shipment, customer is responsible for unloading truck.



16″ Ball

5′-6′ 350-400

18″ Ball

6′-8′ 325-350

20″ Ball

1.5″-1.75″ Cal 8′-10′ 250-325
22″ Ball 1.75″-2.0″ Cal. 10′-12′ 175-225
24″ Ball 2.0″-2.5″ Cal. 12′-14′ 125-130
26″ Ball 2.0″-2.5″ Cal. 100-105
28″ Ball 2.5″ Cal. 75-80
30″ Ball 3.0″ Cal. 70-75
32″ Ball 3.5″ Cal. 60-65
36″ Ball 4.0″ Cal. 40-45


Family owned & operated since 1982. Faron Green is a grower of quality shade and ornamental trees, evergreens, deciduous, and ornamental shrubs.

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